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Hanamaki and you can Matsukawa mark in addition to Oikawa someday to educate the tiny tykes volleyball

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They might be simply babies, best? Although not, it failed to anticipate Oikawa peacing out to get off them to manage a fitness center packed with hellions all of the by themselves! Often Hanamaki and Matsukawa be able to band along with her and survive against this army of children, or commonly they are overloaded?

Conclusion step three

bien au in which matsukawa try a rockband bassist and you will produces songs which might be in the his crush hanamaki who is a pop idol, and you may hanamaki was a pop music idol that favourite ring was a beneficial market indie the one that matsukawa ‘s the bassist having. hanamaki states brand new band from inside the a job interview, it inflate, matsukawa happen to says to globally he’s got a hollywood crush towards the hanamaki to your real time tv, and everyone helps it be the mission locate these to satisfy – but things continue comedically getting into the way from it! queue crisis, funny, gay facebook says sooner or later it fulfill and everyone wishes they hadnt bc it mouse click immediately and make their love Everyone elses condition

> dual pov, socmed use, i’d state approximately 10k or something. > romcom vibes > matsukawa may have a mullet/mohawk/both at the same time we havent decided but really > it might be dirty bc they’re going to both end up being remarkable popular those who roentgen enthusiastic about one another. im pretty sure i could allow it to be better than split tho > terushima is among the band users, and if some body detests him. > bandlineup are issei (bass), partial eita (sound + guitar) , terushima yuuji (guitar), kyoutani kentarou (drums) . the manager was sarukui yamato, takahiro’s manager is konoha akinori. i am able to cause them to flirt. iwaoi might be truth be told there and you can satisfy due to the fact protection + hiro’s greatest sportsman friend. > matsuhana such as for instance japans pete wentz and you can mikey means but happier stop . i can create of several emo references

Conclusion cuatro

Tooru’s got a date, Hajime, and you may Issei finds themselves questioning how it need feel that have individuals love you such a keen inconditional, passionate way the afternoon their best friend will pay a trip: Takahiro Hanamaki, the guy who has attending turn his existence inverted.

Issei Matsukawa had gotten regularly they, some one thought he had been involuntary assist your have enough time to trust regarding the themselves, regarding how the guy fits in this world, regarding why the brand new world got chose to place your from inside the an excellent hospital sleep impractical in order to actually ever wake-up again. He had accepted they, resignated to help you they, for a moment, after which, suddenly, a complete stranger notices they are given that conscious because the other people on room.

In the beginning, having Hiro talk to your on their go out was problematic, but in the future he is awaiting his each and every day go to. Issei will not understand why but their prescence lighting up their day, tends to make him become live for the first time while the just what seems such permanently.

Takahiro Hanamaki’s best friend try hospitalized due to bone cancers. His toes will likely be amputated. The original day he goes to check out he discovers themselves curious the way it have to getting having some one love your in such an inconditional, enchanting ways since the Hajime loves Tooru. And he feels it, someone deciding on your. But there is not one person else from dating service in Oregon the place except for him, Tooru and you will Hajime. And also the man inside the an excellent coma. Issei Matsukawa?

Hiro had gotten accustomed it, some body taking his happiness for granted. Maybe it absolutely was the way he hid the way in which he considered, he had been none so you’re able to scream, neither to make about themselves, so visitors only started to suppose the guy didn’t have any problems.

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