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Making a first perception which he’ll remember you

18. V, a€?i did not volunteer to boogie, it is simply that another trainee hyung told me a€?The oldest Hyung will be coming later on. Put on display your charms after that. ‘ when Jin Hyung arrived, I got ashamed therefore I kept dance while appearing down. Hyung kept staring at myself with a blank term and ultimately informed me, a€?You, go dance right in front over there.’a€?

a€“ V, a€?For me personally, I do believe it is pretty when babes put broad shorts.i prefer a female just who becomes more pleasant each day. I really like a form female. But because all (BTS) in our perfect sort are different, I really don’t envision we will date the exact same lady.a€?

21. V resolution in 2014 –> a€?I would like to upgrade my personal vocal energy lots and that I wish to wow a lot of people. Basically update my oral skills, in addition believe BTS levels will increase.a€?

23. He view all bout of anime such as for instance Digimon Adventure, Wolf Children, additionally the woman whom Leapt Through energy, One Pice, summer time battles, Piano zero Mori, also performs of manager Hosada Mamoru.

28. The guy describe your self like a Monkey. As he ended up being younger, he have spit on by Simpanse during the zoo and next incident their pal stating that he was Simpanse competing in which he try Monkey.

Whenever V have a fan, the guy wants to planning the autumn months then visiting the park to nourish the pigeons with-it

29.His character unit was their father. The guy wants to be a dad like their dad, someone who takes care of their kiddies, listen to anything people say, motivate and recommend the near future plans really to get the scolded by her wife a large number.

30. In years, he desires using their young children Taekwon (men, 2 years) and Taeguk (feminine, 7 period) into the zoo and giving the pigeon shrimp crackers being a very good autumn guy.

32. V motto a€“> a€?I just came up with it but let’s life coolly towards the optimum. Ever since the existence occurs just once, getting out of bed relaxed in the morning and dealing doing all your ideal.a€?

34. regularly he watchs one Anime occurrence (unfailingly) and write anything on twitter/fancafe, in which he helps make the Hyungs frustrated each day.

35. Whenever V bring a stress he will sharing to Jimin and Jin. But the guy very easy to communicate with Jimin because their have actually exact same centuries.

38. Fans mentioned V check a love Baekhyun EXO and Daehyun B.A.P. And he stated, Baekhyun Exo is their mommy, and Daehyun B.A.P is their Father. But there is enthusiast said the guy seems like T.O.P Bigbang, and then he seems an honour.

V best type try someone who will get most charming on a daily basis, handles him, likes your, always snazzy outdoors, makes hot candy, has plenty aegyo and a woman just who wears broad trousers

a€“ Jimin, a€?A pony that deviated from his reins. In V’s circumstances, whatever he can it’s usually odd. A lot more than a pet, he’s similar to an alien from another earth (laughs)a€?

52. Q: By the way, you presented a display in Japan the very first time, exactly how happened to be japan lover’s reactions?

52. J-Hope said, when they actually bring create various program, V is the best because of it because V enjoys 4D charms.

a€“ V, a€?I was really noisy at school. If it was recess, I became like, a€?AH! IT REALLY IS RECESS! LET’S GAMBLE. ‘. So when I became using my friend at meal, a€?BASKETBALL! LET US www.datingmentor.org/escort/escondido/ GAMBLE. ‘. People knew whom I happened to be in the past.a€? -Mnet Jjang #63-

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