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Drilling 51mm to 165mm diameter holes and blasting in open pit mines. We can drill up to a depth of 20m. We have a range of track-mounted drilling equipment. Our Pantera 1100 and 1500 hydraulic rigs can drill 89mm to 127mm diameter holes. Our air track machines can drill 89mm to 140mm diameter holes. We have Sandvik Di550 DTH drill rigs which can drill 115mm to 165mm diameter holes. We also use jackhammers to drill holes of 32mm to 38mm in diameter.

Contract Drilling

Hydraulic high speed track drilling for mining and quarrying.


Contracts with the top suppliers of explosives in the country and use emulsion and emulsion charging trucks on our major working contracts. We use ANFO mixing machines on sites where we blast with ANFO. The portfolio of clients includes chrome, platinum, diamond, limestone, aggregate stone quarries, gold and coal mines.

Our restricted blasting services incorporate:

Drilling and Blasting for excavations and cuttings. This includes quarrying and under-road boring.

Our RC/Borehole section trades using our registered company name, Drilling Resources Zimbabwe (Pvt.) Ltd.

RC Drilling

Borehole Drilling

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