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Do you blast in wells?
We do not blast in wells.
Do you do sandblasting?
We do not do sandblasting as it is an activity quite distinct from our business line.
How much are explosives? Where can we buy them?
We are not involved in the sale of explosives. We buy explosives for use in our operations from explosives suppliers.
Does KW Blasting drill boreholes or dig trenches?
Yes, we drill boreholes. We drill and blast (to clear) rocks in trenches.
Do you hire out plant, excavators, dozers, rollers, tippers, graders?
We hire out compressors. To ensure a good service, we assign our attendant to each compressor we hire out. We neither use nor hire out earthmoving plant and equipment.
Does KW blast in wells? We have dug a well and encountered rock?
We do not blast in wells.
Do you train people to use explosives? Can I join and get a blasting licence?
Our employees have the benefit of attaining the experience required for obtaining a blasting licence. We do not recruit individuals for any programme targeted at obtaining blasting licences.
Do you repair and hire out compressors?
We do not repair compressors. We hire out our compressors but prefer that they be operated by our personnel.
Do you do underground mining?
We do underground tunnelling.
What are your contact numbers in areas other than Harare?
Contact details for our personnel around Zimbabwe can be obtained by contacting our Head Office.
Can we hire out your cranes?
We do not have cranes for hire.
Can you assist with sample drilling?
Yes we can. We do RC and core drilling.
Are your offices open on weekends?
Our office hours are between 0730 and 1700 hours on Mon to Thurs and 0730 and 1600 hours on Fridays. Outside these times, you may email us on enquiries@kwblasting.co.zw.
Can we come and see or speak to the Marketing Manager?
Our marketing function is run by our Operations Manager and he is contactable on our office numbers and can be emailed on enquiries@kwblasting.co.zw.
Do you drill, site and install boreholes?
We drill boreholes but prefer that clients arrange for borehole siting and installation on their own. We can direct our clients to trustworthy suppliers of those services.
Do you offer load and haul services?
We are a drilling and blasting contractor. We normally work with reputable suppliers of load and haul services whose contacts we can provide on request.

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